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English Language Education in Southeast Asia: Problems and Possibilities

by Editors: Ruanni Tupas, Shantini Pillai, Ramesh Nair

Publisher - Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penerbit Universiti Sai

Category - General Academics

"This book addresses the problems and possibilities of English language education in Southeast Asia from the point-of-view of researchers who are themselves also English language teachers. The researchers are from Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and New Zealand. The articles in this edited book examine teaching and language learning goals in relation to the desired development of linguistic knowledge. More importantly, the articles also reflect on the nurturing of appropriate learning abilities and independent thinking that is framed by the expanding learner awareness of identity, culture, and society within and beyond the classroom. Ultimately, the book tackles issues that emerge from the fact that we teach and learn English in a region that is hugely multicultural and multilingual."

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