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World celebrity biography books:Newton

by Yan Dong

Publisher - Zhejiang Publishing United Group Digital Media Co., Ltd

Category - Teen Novel

"Newton":a book from series "Biography of World Famous People", is a collection of 31 world famous persons who had great influence for the progress of human civilization in the fields of science and technology, culture and art and ideological education. With the respect of history facts and the reading habits of teenagers, it introduces the life experience, the pursuit of ideals and the brilliant performances to the readers in a writing style of being lively, vivid and precise. The series include "well-known sayings", "famous articles and sentences for appreciation", "the list of years" and more sections, with detailed and accurate historical pictures and links to other rich knowledge, which make the book have more reading value and collection value. Reading a good biography will give you inexhaustible wealth for the whole life. Newton found the universal gravitation by the phenomenon that an apple fell down from the tree; he also taught people how to think. He is a great scientist and also a faithful servant to God. He researched science simply for knowing how the universe created by God works......He was like a child cheerly looking for shells on the beach, but brought scientific brilliance with no intention. "Newton" is a biography book, it vividly descrips the whole life of Newton--the greatest scientist of England in 17 century. Newton was born in a Podunk, his father died before he was born. The poor life in his childhood made him shy and lonely. One of his teachers once said: "This child would be a very slow fool in the future", however, it was this boy that was silent and liked doing woodworker found the law of universal gravitation and three Laws of Motion. He did tremendous contributions to human scientific progress in the fields of mathematics, astronomy, optics and thermotics etc. He became the scientific giant and was respected by the whole world.

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