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Superman special training class

by Peng Yang

Publisher - Zhejiang Publishing United Group Digital Media Co., Ltd

Category - Teen Novel

"The Yang Peng fantasy series: Superman special training class" Content abstract: The famous children literature writer Yang Peng and Zhejiang Juvenile and Children's Publishing House published a new brand - Yang Peng fantasy series in cooperation. Yang Peng has won more than 20 national awards in the area of Chinese science fiction, children literature, popular science books and publishing. Yang Peng's works have selected by "the General Administration of press and publication recommends hundred outstanding books to young people". American "trajectory" magazine has recommended Yang Peng and his works to worldwide science fiction fans. "Yang Peng fantasy series: Superman special training class" is one of books of "Yang Peng fantasy series", which collects fairy tales that have prized, have great influence and have translated to overseas.

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