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Lemon Health Benefits: Lemons for Healthy Skin, Hair, Cleaning, and Weight Loss

by Chris Shaw

Publisher - Chow Mah

Category - Recipe & Cooking

Lemons offer far more than delicious smells and a sour flavor. This small, bright yellow fruit comes with many potential uses from eliminating toxins for your body to improving your hair and skin and it’s even a healthy alternative to cleaning your home! In Lemon Health Benefits, we discuss how to add flavor to delicious dishes, treat skin problems, improve your hair, or add years to your life by harnessing the power of the simple yet amazing lemon. Inside we also include 50 different lemon recipes ranging from breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts and drinks. It’s amazing how this widely available and inexpensive fruit can have so many little known health benefits that more people should be taking advantage of. Start here and start now!

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