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by Oliver Fairfax

Publisher - Mint Associates Ltd

Category - Teen Novel

The Angel Faces Destruction continues the enthralling journey of Paul Brandt that began with The Angel Strikes. You are about to be a party to the second instalment of a historical fiction series that will forever change your view of European history. A traitor is perfidious, seditious, a betrayer and an informer. Paul ticks all the boxes. It is 1812 and Paul Brandt, a Russian by birth, is attached to the Prussian Auxiliary Column conscripted into Bonaparte's French army for the invasion of Russia. But Paul's newest acquaintances, Gneisenau and Clausewitz , have plotted the destruction of the Grande Armee. Half a million French soldiers will march to their death, if their strategy works, unless Paul saves his column from the fury of his own countrymen and the depths of the Russian winter. From the Neiman River to Moscow is over a thousand kilometres -and they must get back! If Paul can reach the Tsar, can he hatch the plot that opens the escape route? Will he become and angel again? Don't miss the larger-than-life exploits of Paul Brandt, our newest literary hero. Discover the secrets that allow him to rise above his time and capture our imaginations like no other fictional character. You will marvel as you immerse yourself in a world that seems more real than reality itself.

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