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New York's Darling

by N.M.Mess

Publisher - Stevo Meseldzija

Category - General Novel

She’s one of a kind. Her body puts a spike of adrenaline right in your veins. She’s got the talk, the ambition, and a ruthless lust for success. Her desire carries her high heels over all the men who fall at her feet. Fast as a cat that’s in for the kill, this sex kitten knows where the real power lies. Success isn’t all that she lusts after, and what the lady wants, she gets. By following in her footsteps through the urban jungle of New York, you’ll come face to face with a city you’ve never imagined. High society will flash by like lightning. Even though she’s a Darling, a Girl on Fire, a Temptress, and Filled with Fury, YOU WILL COME TO LOVE HER! When she’s near, even the toughest men melt at the knees. They ache with desire, but she’s the one who gets to decide. Even when it comes down to the wire, with death just a heartbeat away, she’s ready to turn the tables. Moving through the underground, or turning heads in the streets of the sprawling metropolis, even among the jet set itself, she’s special. When she gives and when she takes. Because she’s a Darling. Because she’s a Girl on Fire. Because she’s a Temptress. Because she’s Filled with Fury.

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