1. Click Read and choose Cloud Reader to read the book via Cloud Reader

2. The screen show that the book is being downloaded

3. Click the arrow on left and right to change the pages

4. You can change reading setting on top right

5. Click the content to review the chapter available on the book

6. You can choose the chapter you want to read on the left side

1. Click on Play Store icon

2. Click on Search

3. Type PNM Reader

4. Click Install

5. Click Accept

6. Application is being downloaded

7. Click PNM e-Reader icon

8. Login to PNM e-Reader as eLib account

9. Click My Library

10. Click at Borrowed tab

11. Tap the book cover to download the book and wait untill the download finish

12. Tap again the book cover to read the book. Swipe left or right to change pages

13. Click on icon at the bottom left of application to view chapters available

14. Click on icon A at the top of application for setting like font, font size and other

1. Click on App Store icon

2. Find "PNM Reader" word

3. Click GET button to Install an App

4. Click on PNM Reader icon

5. Login as eLib account in PNM Reader application

6. Click on Download icon

7. Wait until the book done downloaded

8. Click on Bookshelf button

9. Click on the book cover image to read

10. The screen that show the book is being read

11. Swipe left or right to change the page

12. Double tap on the top of the screen for setting

13. Click on book icon to back on the books list

1. Go to Store

2. Search for "e-Sentral"

3. Click/Tap on "Install"

4. You may find eSentral application under "Apps". Right click and choose "Pin to Start" or "Pin to Taskbar" for easier access through either Start Menu or Taskbar.

Tips: In Surface, you have to do a long click until the options appear at the bottom of the screen instead of right click.

5. In the apps, you may sign in:
With your user ID – fill in your username and password then click "Sign In"

Via Facebook – A new window leading to Facebook will pop up. Fill in your Facebook details there and click "Log in"

6. We have three sections in aiding you to find, download and read your books:
Featured Hub– Interesting books from our website

Downloaded Hub– Books which have been downloaded

Purchased Hub– Books which have been purchased (at e-Sentral) or borrowed (at Digital Library). Note that to read it on your app you have to download these books first

7. To quickly find books from any list, you can use the search bar on the top right hand corner

8. Click on "Purchased". It will show all the books which have been purchased or borrowed so far. Swipe through the books to find books you wish to download

9. If you just purchased or borrowed the book and it has not showed up, click "Refresh"

10. You may sort your books with the Sort button available at the bottom-right corner of the apps

11. You may also sort by Categories by clicking on "Categories" button on the left of "Sort" button

12. Once you find it, click on the book. For example, we will download Buah Hati Meera

13. You may notice the book will be missing from the "Purchased" section and the word "Downloading" will appear. This means the book is currently being downloaded

14. Once the word "Downloading" has disappeared, the downloading process has completed

15. Click on "Downloaded". It will show all the books which have been downloaded

16. Click on the book you wish to read

17. To read your book, you may tap on the arrows or swipe to move between the pages

18. You can right click to pull up the page navigation tool. Use "Table of Contents" when you are reading books that are very lengthy in pages and/or have numerous chapters. Drag the sliders if you want to skip few pages.

Tips: Swipe from bottom of the screen if you are using Surface instead of right click.

19. To bookmark the pages, click on either of the ribbons on the top left or top right of the screen, depending on which page you wish to bookmark

20. If you want to read other books, press right click. An arrow will appear on the top left of the screen. Click on the Arrow to go back to "Purchased" section.

Tips: Swipe from bottom of the screen if you are using Surface instead of right click

21. Click your name at the top right of the screen and the button will reveal choices to "Logout" and "Deactivate"